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I’m New

First of all, welcome to First United Methodist Church! We are so glad you are visiting our website, and we hope you join us in worship soon. Don’t worry, we know what it’s like to walk into a building for the first time, not sure of where to go or who you’ll encounter when you get there. We aspire to make your visit to FUMC as wonderful as you can imagine. When you walk in the building on Sunday mornings, someone will direct you towards either our worship service or Discipleship Groups. Not sure where to go? Ask us! We are friendly people, and love making new friends (we can even show you where you can grab a cup of coffee!) 

Still have questions, Pastor Jim or Pastor Becky can answer pretty much any question you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Wear?

It might be easier to answer what  shouldn’t you wear! Wear what you have. Wear what you are comfortable in. Wear what you want. We are a diverse group of people and we believe that the people in the clothing are what matters, period.  Most people wear casual dress which means polo's and khakis to blue jeans and t-shirts.

What Do I Do With My Children?

Well, that is entirely up to you!  We have a nursery for Pre-K.  During the worship service, kindergarten aged kids can go to the nursery.  We know that children can be wiggly in church and that’s okay.  We do have a “no shush” policy for the parents.  Children are not “little adults” and therfore do not behave like we think they should.  We have coloring paper and crayons and work sheets they can focus on.

What About Sunday School?

We have Discipleship Groups for the adults all year round that start at 9:15.  The Discipleship Groups for children and youth follow the school year.  Our youth leaders get the summer off.

Is there a youth group?

Yes!  Youth groups for 6-12th grade meet on Wednesday Night from 6:30-8pm during the summer.  During the school year (Riverdale School District) the time will be 7:00-8:30.  For the most accurate information check the Calendar or Youth Page.

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